Monday, 26 November 2012

wheelbarrows & cement

I love to be challenged on my faith. Not always, if I realize its not where I wish it were, but it gives me a goal.
Here is an excerpt from Loren Cunningham's, Daring To Live On The Edge about faith and finances, challenging each of us to step out in faith...
Is the life of faith worth it? If you have ever experienced it, it truly ruins you for the ordinary. Living the life of faith is like walking on a tightrope. It is an incredible thrill. 
In the 1800’s, an acrobat named Blondin (Jean-Francois Gravlet) became famous for crossing Niagara Falls by tightrope many times, usually with no safety net. 
One day a crowd gathered at the falls to watch his most dangerous attempt yet. He planned to push a wheelbarrow loaded with a heavy sack of cement across the tightrope. With that extra weight, the slightest miscalculation could tip the wheelbarrow and twist him off the wire, plunging him to death in the raging waters 160 feet below. 
When he made it to the other side, the throng let out its collective breath and cheered. What a feat! After his crossing, Blondin challenged a nearby reporter: “Do you believe I can do anything on a tightrope?” 
“Oh yes, Mr. Blondin,” said the reporter, “After what I’ve seen today, I believe it. You can do anything.” 
“Do you believe, then,” said Blondin, “that instead of a sack of cement, I could put a man in this wheelbarrow – a man who has never been on a tightrope before – and wheel him, without a net, safely over to the other side?” 
“Oh yes sir, Mr. Blondin,” said the reporter, “I believe it.” 
“Good,” said Blondin. “Get in.” 
The reporter paled and quickly disappeared into the crowd. It is one thing to believe something, but quite another to have that kind of faith in someone. 
However, one person that day did have that kind of faith in Blondin. This brave volunteer agreed to get into the wheelbarrow and cross the falls with the master acrobat. 
As Blondin tipped out the bag of cement and placed his passenger in the barrow, men on both sides of the falls quickly placed bets on the outcome. Then as the crowd cheered, Blondin made his way back across the falls, this time pushing a nervous passenger ahead of him. 
It looked like another easy conquest for the daredevil, but when they were halfway across the sixteen-hundred-foot rope, a man with a heavy bet against them crept over and cut one of the guy wires.   
Suddenly the tightrope pitched crazily back and forth, the force of the whipping motion gaining in intensity. As Blondin fought to keep his balance, he knew that they were seconds away from death. When the rim of the wheelbarrow came off the wire, they would both be pitched headlong into the churning waters. 
Blondin spoke, cutting through the terror of his passenger in the wheelbarrow. “Stand up!” he commanded. 
“Stand up and grab my shoulders!” 
The man sat there paralyzed. 
“Let go and stand up! Let go of the wheelbarrow! Do it or die!” 
Somehow the man managed to stand up and step out of the swaying wheelbarrow. 
“Your arms – put them round my neck! Now your legs – round my waist!” said Blondin. 
Again the man obeyed, clinging to Blondin. The empty wheelbarrow fell, disappearing into the frothy turmoil far below. The aerialist stood there, using all his years of experience and every trained muscle to stay on the wire until the pitching subsided a little. Then inch by inch he made his way across, carrying the man like a child. Finally he deposited him on the other side. 
That’s what it means to live the life of faith. You have to have real confidence in the One who is carrying you across. It is fairly easy to say you believe in God. But are you willing to have Him carry you across a tightrope, high above a roar of water? You can have that experience, you know. You can have the thrill of trusting God and seeing Him meet your needs. 
This is what it comes down to, in living by faith. It is faith in God Himself. There is no system or ritual to it. It is faith in a living person, faith that He will help you accomplish the job He has given you to do. 
He has big challenges, planned just for you. He wants you to have a major part in the most exciting race of history – the race to take the Gospel to every creature. He wants to see you be the best you can be – for Him, and for your world around you. Take up the challenge. Step out for Him. Trust Him. Dare to live on the edge. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

irrational hermits?

Have you ever reacted to something completely irrationally, and had no clue why?
I don't know about you, but I've experienced this countless times. There are few things more frustrating than knowing that you're completely frustrated by something, and yet you have no clue why. Shouldn't we know ourselves better?

A few weeks ago, we had Melissa Helser come to speak to the Leadership Track. Among other things, she brought up the issue of "Inner Healing." Its quite the Christianese lingo, but the basic concept is digging to the depths of your soul and past, to try and get healing of anything that would hinder you from the fullness of experiencing God's love. Most people's experience with this, is a one-time session of tears and Kleenex trying to uncover any hidden hurt or anger. While this can be effective, its rare that you will have total "inner healing."
Well first of all, most of our memories are not that clear, and the really painful ones are locked away in some distant closet in the recesses of our heart, which makes it difficult to access in just one session.
But more importantly, these issues don't tend to manifest (make themselves known) in a big, dramatic fashion. More likely, they come out in the little things: becoming furious with a sister for stealing that one favorite shirt of yours, or, someone dumping out your cup of coffee before your finished. The little things that leave you reeling and wondering, "What could possibly be my issue?"
Well, I have wonderful news for you; it is called, "The Reflective Prayer".
This is an incredible tool, that you can use after those little outbursts, to partner with God in discovering, what exactly is going on. Its your own mini "inner healing session" that you can whip out of your back pocket as those inner recesses of hurt, anger, and wrong beliefs, bubble to the surface.

Here is how it works. Sit down with your journal  and write these things out (if you do not journal already, I highly recommend starting!). Once you get the hang of it and are more comfortable and confident in hearing God on this, you'll be able to do it in your head, on the fly.
**Note: Make sure that you have time to do the whole prayer! If you don't, than it can be easy to dig up a bunch of emotions and not deal with them, which will do more damage than good!

 Reflective Prayer
  1. Situation (be specific):
  2. ask the Holy Spirit, "What is going on?"
  3. Thoughts (actual thoughts you had):
  4. Emotions:
  5. Behavior (what did you do?):
  6. ask the Holy Spirit, "Why is this going on?"
  7. What do I believe about myself? (“I am” statements: e.g. “I am a failure” “I am powerless” “I am worthless” “I am rejected” - try to get to the root thought):
  8. What do I believe about Love/God? (What do these “I am” statements imply about my image of God? “God is” statements: e.g. “God is unsafe” “God is controlling” “God is powerless” “God is a perfectionist”):
  9. Confession (Write out a prayer of repentance of the lies you have believed in you heart about God and yourself, and invite the Father to speak His truth into these places of your heart):
  10. God’s Voice (let God speak truth into these places in your heart):
  11. New thoughts, emotions, behavior:
This has been an amazing tool for me. You'll begin to see similar beliefs emerge as you go through this more and more. As you work through each individual situation, you get deeper to the root-belief and will experience more freedom.

But a word to the wise. Don't allow this to make you introspective, or self-focused, all the time. Still be social, still seek accountability and guidance from people you trust. This isn't an excuse to become an emotional hermit whose trying to self-improve before experiencing life and relationship. 
Use this to teach you how to go to God first, and seek your identity and affirmation in Him.

It still takes believing in the truth that God has spoken over you, and walking in the new thoughts, emotions, and behavior He gives you. But its incredible to begin noticing how your thought patterns change, and your reactions become more... friendly. 

Trust God to move in your life. Trust in the power of His word. Believe that this is really who He has made you to be. 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

leadership training

The Awaken Leadership Track has officially begun!
There is so much that is being incorporated into this time, it feels similar to my DTS in the sense that I am being challenged to grow and take ownership of my walk with God. But it is also much more challenging, as this time isn't a time to receive but a time to pour out and to learn what it means to be a servant-leader. Its amazing to walk into this next level of discipleship as I am being called to a higher standard and learning to walk in the fullness of who God has created me to be. A little bit scary, and a lot-a-bit hard, but mostly exciting!

To give you a better idea of what my weeks look like, I wanted to share some of the elements of my week that create the structure for this time of Leadership Training!

Moravian Prayer Hours
The Leadership Track is covering the Prayer Room in 24/7 prayer for the nations and for revival to break out on the campus. The Moravian movement began back in the 1700's when a group of refugees living in Hernhut Germany began to pray for revival. For 100 yrs they prayed 24/7 before the cycle was broken. During and following that century, major movements happened in Europe, including the abolishing of slavery.

We have worship every morning, bringing our perspective into focus that everything we do is to glorify the Lord and to give Him praise. These are some of my favorite times in the week.

Practical Service
Everyone does practical service 4x a week for 3-4hrs. My service is on the Natural Farm, which is a practical way to research all-natural, organic, and sustainable methods for farming in developing nations. I am doing research and administrative work to document the research that is being done, and research new methods of farming and companion planting.

Contending Prayer, Intercession, Prayer Room, Ministry Night
We have Prayer-Room sessions 4 times a week, we alternate on different types, and focuses of prayer. Ultimately, we are seeking the heart of God and wanting to respond to what is on His heart. Some of the subjects we focus on weekly are:
Revival in America, Arts and Entertainment  and Unreached People Groups via the Joshua Project (see sidebar for today's people group).

Community Outreach
Once a week we go out into the community to show the practical side of God's love. We have multiple outreach teams that will go back to the same 'venue' each week. Outreaches include:
More Than Sport: using sport to talk about God and teach leadership to youth.
Salvation Army: feeding and hanging-out with Marshalese teens (a native group that is often rejected by society).
Hope Services: a transition home for homeless people being re-integrated into society.
Regency Elder Home: working with ICU patients suffering from severe cases of Alzheimer's and other similar conditions. Drawing, painting, and doing other therapeutic activities with them.
I am working in the Elderly Home starting next week, so more  I will be getting more in-depth about that particular outreach soon!

Leadership Training
Once a week we have leadership training, so far we've learned about the importance and power of prayer, what it means to live in God-centered community, and Spiritual disciplines.

Engage Staff Training
Our Engage Family meets once a week for training. So far we've been sharing testimonies and have heard about the power of walking in unity. Training will become more DTS-specific as the track continues, and will also become a time to discuss, pray for and plan for the upcoming Engage DTS.

Small Groups
Once a week we meet in small groups that will be our time to process the week and be a prayer support to each other.

Track Social & Engage Family Socials &Vision Meeting
Tuesday nights we alternate between Track Socials and Engage Family nights where we all get together for some fun, a meal, and some family-bonding-time. Or we get together for a Vision Meeting which is among the Staff and Leadership Track groups, where our leaders share their vision for the quarter and what God is doing in the nations etc.

Its a packed schedule, and its tough. But I am loving it. Its so comforting and safe to know that I am in a place, surrounded by people who all want to see me grow and become all that God intends me to be and to walk in what His plan is for my life.

Thank you for your continued support. I am so grateful for your continued prayers and support!
Much love,

Thursday, 4 October 2012

tax receipt anyone?

Radical Life: How To Donate: Officially have my MISSIONS ACCOUNT!!! Please check out my page to see how you can donate and receive a tax receipt! I am so grateful to all of you who have already contributed financially to my time with Youth With A Mission and look forward to your continued support!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kona in transition

I've been in Kona for nearly one week now. The Leadership Track officially begins on Monday, but the Engage Staff is here a week early to help with Transition Week. Its basically the week between one quarter leaving for Outreach, and the next quarter of students coming in for the Lecture Phase. Its a time to clean the base and reorganize all the rooms to host staff, students and guests. This quarter will be the largest yet with approximately 700 students and 400 staff.
This week the Engage Staff has been experiencing servant leadership at its finest. We've spent the past two days building bunk-beds, deep cleaning bedrooms, arranging furniture, and doing grounds work around the base. We've also been put in charge of hospitality for the next two days as students come in. We've spent the day preparing food, and arranging the Ohana Court so its at its most welcoming, and we're now preparing for the students Orientation tomorrow morning.
I am so excited for this quarter to officially begin and to see what God is going to do through this next wave of youth.

And then, there is the official start of the Leadership Track!!!
Our schedule is looking packed for this quarter... once we go through orientation I'll be posting more specific information about what we'll be doing over the next three months.

For right now though, please be praying that we get housing! Due to the fact that we will have over 1000 people living on base that have priority housing, there isn't enough housing for the Leadership Track participants. So we are currently looking desperately for off-campus housing. We have found an ideal home that would be able to house all the girl staff, with separate living quarters for the boys. Currently the house is only for sale, but the landlord has agreed to rent it, but we're still waiting to see if he is open to the number of remnants that would be living there. We are praying that God will give us favor and that the landlord will allow us to rent the house for the next three months.

On behalf of the whole staff team, I would greatly appreciate your support in prayer as we apply for housing!

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers
Much love,

Saturday, 22 September 2012

sleepless in Seattle

Along my journey from Toronto to Kona, I stopped off in Seattle for 5 days to visit one of my roommates from my Discipleship Training School in Jan.'12. Other than the incredible opportunity to reconnect with some friends and see a new part of the USA, I wasn't expecting much out of the trip.
Boy was I wrong.
It turns out, Seattle was exactly what I needed before heading out to the Leadership Track.
The first night I was there, Nae and I went to a leadership meeting for "Thrive." A college youth group in Gig Harbor whose leadership team she has joined. We had an incredible night of prayer and worship, and I was able to connect with the team immediately, as well as be able to come alongside them in prayer, as though I was just another leader. But it didn't stop there. Touring Seattle became less of a priority as ministry and fellowship became the greater focus of the trip. Every day I was in Seattle, I spent at least a few hours with this incredible group of people. I am truly inspired by them and their dedication to the work they are doing in Gig Harbor. Despite the hectic schedules they are all managing, they've made the Lord's work their focus. Each of them are leading lives of discipleship as they come alongside other youth and lead them closer into relationship with Jesus. I have been truly honored by them that I was so welcomed and included in the work they are doing.
God is truly moving in the north-west... and not just in Gig Harbour.
Nae and I went to visit another Youth With A Mission friend midway through the week and got to hear about the incredible work he is doing near Bremerton. "The Coffee Oasis" is a youth cafe and drop-in center that is growing in WA and becoming a popular place for street kids to come in, get some practical help, as well as a dedicated staff that live to serve, pray for, and disciple them if they desire it.
We also attended a prayer meeting that was a radical blessing. After hours of learning more about the One we serve and what He wants for our lives, we all received prayer and anointing as we were prophesied over regarding what plans God has for our lives. It was an incredible night, and even more encouraging when I got to see the fruit of that prophecy just 24hrs later as I co-lead a small group at the youth group in Gig Harbor.
It was an amazing week of fellowship, ministry and personal growth. While I was in Washington, I realized the importance of community in a way I haven't before. Sure, on DTS I experienced community living 24/7 for 6 months, and I thought I had an understanding of its importance then. But I think it takes losing it and then becoming a part of community again to realize its value. Going to Seattle, I got to witness and be a part of a community that inspired me. It made me realize the importance of pursuing deep relationship and fellowship wherever you go, so that together you can dive into ministry and grow deeper with God corporately and individually.

I am so excited about the work God is doing in the North-West. He really is moving in incredible ways, and it such a blessing that I got to witness a bit of what He is doing, and know how to be praying and interceding more specifically for the work going on there. Please join me in prayer as I pray for the "Thrive" youth group and "The Coffee Oasis". These are two ministries, among many, that are dedicated to bringing the Kingdom to earth in very practical ways.

You can visit their websites here:
The Coffee Oasis:
Thrive Youth Group:

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

cheers to round two!

In less than one week now, I will be leaving Ontario once again and making my way back to Hawaii.
This summer at home has truly been a learning experience for me. I've seen how easy it is to take things for granted. Whether its modern conveniences, friendships and community, or the food I like to eat, it is so important to recognize and appreciate what you have while you have it.
I've been so blessed by "My Home Team" that has been, and continues to be such a support to me as I pursue the dreams that God has placed on my heart. I am so excited to reunite with my YWAM Family and begin doing life together once again, as we prepare for the next wave of students for the "Engage Discipleship Training School" that will be joining us in just 3 short months! My heart practically leaps in my chest at the blessing it is to be able to come alongside them and support them as they grow into themselves and deeper relationship with God. I cannot wait to see all of us become the world-changers that we are all created to be!
Thanks to all of you here at home who have been so supportive and blessed me with your time, as you've poured into my life and guided me when I didn't know which way was up. You mean tons to me!

I have so appreciated your support in prayer and finances and ask that you continue to pray that all my finances will come in, and that I will learn all that God has for me in this next season and be a blessing to those around me!
Much love,

Monday, 10 September 2012

why is staffing important?

Hey y'all!
So one of my staff from the Engage Discipleship Training School (DTS) made a video about what a DTS is, and why staffing is important to its students.
Here is the clip, so you guys can hear what the students have to say about their staff!

I find it inspiring as a future staff, that it is possible to be such a big part of a person's transformation and how much of an impact I could make.

Please join with me in prayer and support, as I begin to walk with the future students of the Engage DTS'13 and help them walk in an even deeper relationship with God!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

coming soon!

So, just a heads-up!
I am currently working to set-up an account with Project Funding Vancouver, BC. 
Project Funding is dedicated to the adminstrative support and processing and receipting of financial donations from Canadian individuals, churches and organisations who want to support YWAMers all around the world. 
Through Project Funding, I will be able to issue tax-receipts to Canadians who donate money to me!  I'm still working to set-up the account, but I will post all the information you need to donate as soon as the account is established. There will be multiple ways to donate, either via pre-authorized payment, check, credit card, and/or online banking. 

In the mean time, please consider setting up a regular donation. My goal is to receive $1,000 per month, and any contribution towards that would be amazing!

Thank you so much for all your support!
And I will get this information to you as soon as I am able! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

why radical life?

During the lecture phase of my Discipleship Training School we daily had incredible speakers teaching us about a variety of topics. Some of which were:
God's Nature and Character.
God's Intention for Individuals, Peoples and Creation.
God'w Redemption: Sin and the Cross.
God's Family: His Children & His Church.
God's World: His Call & His Commission.

But one of my many favourites was being challenged by Jeff Waalkes to "live a life of radical obedience". This was week 2. It became a theme for the rest of our school. And became a personal pursuit for me.

Its so easy to become caught-up in the mundane. And even easier to think that is what Christianity is. That maybe, following God is boring, because:
"we have to be good"
"we have to follow the rules"
"we cant' be controversial... because that could cause offense, and people may not want to be a Christian then"
"what I really want to do, is not Christian enough, and God wouldn't approve because its not being a insert ideal Christian career here."

But the incredible thing that we must remember, is who God is. He gives us the grace we need and the help we need to "be good" through the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) that we have every access to, because the Holy Spirit lives within us. We don't need to worry about "the rules" because the law was fulfilled on the cross. The only "rule" we have is to LOVE (Galatians 5:14).

Frankly, being controversial comes with the call. Jesus was super-controversial. He was constantly being confronted by the religious leaders of the time, who were infuriated by the freedom He was teaching. Paul says in Colossians 1:25:
"I have become its [the church] servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness."
The word of God is controversial to the world that we live in. Because the world we live in, is a fallen world. God's word is everything that is good and perfect, so when you act and speak from the Word, it creates change, and not everyone is going to like it! But we all are commissioned to present the fullness of God's word. So go ahead. I (and more importantly, God) give you permission to be controversial. As long as everything we do follows our only "be good" rule, which is to do everything in LOVE. 

Now the last 'concern' we have, is that God doesn't want us to 'live the dream'. That is a horribly large lie. God knows you. Perfectly. He made you. He knows, and placed the deepest desires of your heart, IN your heart. 
1 Chronicles 28:9"And you, my son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever."
Psalm 20:4
"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed."
Psalm 37:4
"Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 40:8
"I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart."
Do you see? God wants to give you the desires of your heart, and He knows what they are. It says he "searches every heart and understands every desire and thought." He cares. His request? "Take delight in the Lord." And there is a bonus here! If you trust in God's will, that He only ever has the very best for you, knowing your desires (because remember, He searches them out) than you naturally desire to do His will. His will is perfect, and it only brings the best about in your life!  
And we know that in all things God works together with those who love Him to bring about what is good with those who have been called according to His purpose. - Romans 8:28
So, radical obedience. Right? The questions I discussed, at least for me, are the questions that can keep me from being obedient to God. They all stem from a lack of trust in Him, and belief in His character. I could have said them this way instead:
"Jesus dying on the cross did not fulfill the law. I still have to."
"I have to perform for God, or else He won't like me anymore."
"I'm more afraid of what people think about me, than doing what God tells me to."
"God doesn't love me enough to give me my heart's desire. He will test me by putting me in situations I don't like."

Being radically obedient, means that when God says "go", I go. When He says "stay" I stay. When He says "wait" I wait. etc. 
But my response, is not just in response to a command. Its a response, out of love knowing that He loves me and has the best for me. That by responding to His will, only the best things for me will happen. That makes life exciting!!! I get the gaurantee, that only the best things, determined by the creator of the Universe, will happen in my life. IF I obey.

Think about it. 

Then? Just say "yes".

Monday, 6 August 2012

the next big thing

Hello! Welcome to my new blog!
For those of you who were following along on live-now-work-later you may be wondering why there is a new blog that will be "detailing my life with Youth With A Mission [YWAM]" when I have already completed my Discipleship Training School (DTS).
Well, here is why: 
As of September, I will be going back to Youth With A Mission's "University of the Nations" in Kona. I will be joining the staff team for Engage DTS 2013, which will begin in January. 

My DTS was such a life-changing experience for me. My hope going into it, was that I would develop a close relationship with God, and that I would finally become, the person that He has created me to be. It most certainly was not an easy process, and there were so many stubborn moments on my behalf, that made any change take longer than it should have. But in the end, I am so grateful for this experience. 
But the thing is, that DTS doesn't just happen. There is a huge team of people behind the entire process, that keeps the wheels turning so that we as students could have that life-changing experience. The staff were there for us 24/7, volunteering their time to make sure that we got everything we could out of DTS and could learn and grow and develop into the people we are destined to be. The work is by no means done in my life, but there has been a substantial step in the right direction.
As I was praying about what my next step should be after DTS, I went through many different ideas. But I felt God settle it in my heart, that I am meant to pour back into the program and the community, that so blessed me. I have so much more still to learn, and at one point debated doing another DTS entirely. But I've heard, and believe that staffing a DTS will push me just as much, if not more than my DTS, but in new and deeper ways. 

What Will Staffing Look Like?  

September - January: Leadership Training. Details of what that will look like, will be coming soon.
January 3rd: Students Arrive!!!
January - March: Lecture Phase. I will be hosting one-on-one meetings with girls in the school, helping with work duties, co-leading a small-group, outreach team meetings, and supporting the lectures, local outreach, and other activities the students do throughout the 3 months.
April - June: Outreach Phase. I will be leading an outreach team to a country in Asia and/or the Sub-Indian continent. Locations and teams won't be determined until the second week of Lecture Phase, but teams will likely have two leaders per team. 

I am so excited for the opportunity to grow alongside this community. To be able to pour out all that God has taught me into the lives of the youth that will be starting out on their newest adventure with Him. 

Thank you, for your continued support as I embark on this adventure!
To read more about YWAM, DTS, and the financial support I am looking for, please click on the tabs at the top of the page!  

Saturday, 23 June 2012

it all comes to a close

june 22, 2012
marks the day that I graduated Engage:DTS ... filled with laughter and tears, we wrapped up 6 months of adventure, challenge, love, joy, healing, growth and getting to know and love an incredible God.
together we have built friendships and memories that will last a lifetime, truly some of the best 6 months of my life.
thanks to all of you have walked with me on this journey, you are closer than family and have made this time incredible for me.

and a special thanks to all of you who have supported me in prayer and finances and made this time possible for me. You have blessed me immensely.

Stay tuned, this next season is bound to be even more exciting than the first as I continue to walk with God and follow His voice and call on my life.

much love, and see ya soon ;)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

team SriLi ministry

SO I'm going to attempt to update!
First of all, my birthday was EPIC! (yes I am blogging about it) We took a bus into Negombo (where we've done house-ministry all this week) and then squished 7 ppl into a rickshaw in the pouring rain into the town. We had an amazing meal and fellowship. Then took a second rickshaw to another home where we saw a woman delivered! We also had a second AMAZING meal... with dessert! The next morning my team surprised me with ice cream and nutella with bannanas in it and prayed/affirmed me, so super sweet!
We've been lead a kids ministry/ sunday school one night this week, which went remarkably well! We even had the parents get involved with a relay race, it was so funny seeing the women get all competitive and really challenging the guys side... obviously us girls won!
For the most part, this week has been house ministry were we've been sharing testimonies, short preaches, and leading worship. The fellowship has been wonderful and we've truly felt like family in this community! and we've been stuffed with incredible food... you literally have to cover your plate if your full.
Mid-way through the week we were super blessed and went boating! We took a picnik out into the middle of nowhere (and saw a legless, dead, massive turtle on the way) and went swimming in the ocean! Such a wonderful relaxed day, after we visited two different homes and had amazing food at the second with dessert! (again, so spoilt).
Saturday we went for a prayer walk on the beach... my team of 3 were blessed by one of the church members who bought us a coconut on ... Coconut Grove! (Kona people will appreciate that :P ) ... and corn-on-the-cob! We did an open-air on the beach which involved doing 2 dances, 2 skits and a testimony (half of which we were not! prepared for) and leading some games. Which ended being the locals teaching us how to play "Telephone Charades".

Next week we'll be teaching a Bible Study class for 4hrs a day for 4 days... it is bound to push us in entirely new ways, but it should be good!

Sri Lanka is so beautiful! It hasn't all been easy, and there are so many little things that we miss from home, but the community here has welcomed us and spoiled us in so many ways that any hardship pales in comparison!

Thank you for your continued prayers, and please be specific in praying that these bible teachings go well!

Much love,

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Story of India

So we have all arrived alive in INDIA!
It took us 48hrs travel time and around 30hrs couped up in a plane. But we made it!
Arriving in Mumbai, we met up with our contact at the airport and loaded into a too-small bus for us and our luggage, but being true YWAMers we made it work and sardined-it, for the 4hr bus ride to Lonavala. Going through Mumbai and up into Pune was unlike anything I've experienced. You hear that the traffic here is crazy, but seeing and hearing it, is an entirely different thing. You see vehicles come within litteraly inches of each other, and people walking straight through the middle of a road (which seems more like a death walk than crossing the street). Honking is a constant, and we gradually realized that the only traffic law that is followed, is to not hit anyone else. One of the more important things that I think we all realized on the drive through Mumbai is the contrasts here. You drive next to a slum city and than right beside it, you see a sky-scraper, and then back into slum-housing. Its so difficult to see the wealth and the poverty so close together, and not see the one helping the other.
oh. I saw monkeys on the drive up. awesome-sauce.

The base here is beautiful. Its what I would picture to be post-colonial India (though I actually have no idea). White stucco walls, jade and cream marble, and old-wood interiors. We have bucket showers (try figuring that one out... it takes longer than you think) and paper-free toilets, and mattresses that may be 2 inches thick.
Breakfast: rice and chai. Lunch: rice and dhal. Dinner: rice and dhal. As well as Chai Time at 10am & 4pm.

We went into Pune day 2 of being here to purchase traditional Salwar Kamiz, via Local Train. That is a whole other experience. Its a mad rush to get on and off the trains as you have 20sec and a whole wall of people coming from the opposite direction. It was beautiful to see the scenery of India, as well as extremely difficult seeing the level of poverty surrounding you on all sides. Even walking to the train, this one beggar, she was probably 14, kept following along beside me for 5 minutes even as I tried to go around cars and "loose her". Its difficult being told not to give to them and just to completely ignore them. Being here on outreach you think that that is who you help. But since being here and learning that many of these children don't actually keep the money they receive, that "Slumdog Millionaire" is more of a reality than we realize, it becomes easier to "ignore" the beggars, and focus on the children and situations that we can help. Just praying that God brings someone into their lives that can help draw them out of their circumstances.

The first Sunday we were here, we led a home-church in Kahne were I shared my testimony. The whole time I shared I noticed this one woman whose eyes were bright and she seemed so excited to hear about Jesus. I figured that she was a hungry follower of God and eventually felt like I was speaking directly to her. After our "service" was done, we had the locals share their testimony, and this woman spoke-up. She said that her (approx. 6yr old) daughter had been coming to church for a month, and every time she came home from service she would tell her Mum to put all her faith in Jesus and that He is the only God. The service we came to preach at was the first time this lady had ever come to church!
We've gone into "The Hill Slum" a few times, the first time we were there we got to pray for a woman who had been beaten by her neighbours and then cursed by a witch doctor. Not your everyday story in America. She has recovered from being beaten but seemed to have some mental issues, we're not sure exactly what the reason is, but we're assuming its a result of the trauma, as she wasn't in that state beforehand. Her younger daughter has been watching her as she is not able to do anything. We had the chance to pray and worship in their home, and when we went back a week later, the lady was much more energized and had begun to do some cleaning.. so encouraging to see God moving!
In the same slum we were praying for a Hindu family whose son had a heart condition, when the grandmother came in who had cataracts, and asked for us to pray for her. We did and she was able to see! AND the big news is that she gave her life to Christ! When we went back to visit she said that she is able to see at night but not during the day. I had the opportunity to talk to her about faith, and the ways that God is moving in her. This grandma really touched my heart, and I will continue to be praying, if that is something you would like to come alongside in, that would be amazing!
We also had the opportunity to go into a village/slum and pray for a woman who had a stroke and was paralyzed in both legs and her right hand. As we were praying we were able to assist her in walking, and she gave her life to God!!! Some of our team went back to see her, and she now has mobility in her hands and is able to pull herself across the floor.Unfortunately her legs still aren't working properly, and our team really feels that the atmosphere has shifted in the home from being very welcoming to being rather closed-off to us and God. (I personally feel that it may be because she hasn't had the oppotrunity to practice walking, which would be something her family would have been coming alongside her in). So please be interceding that that atmosphere shifts and that this wonderful grandma will be able to function independently, and have the support of her family!

Now for a highlight of mine! When we went into the Hill Slum 2 days back, we led an open-air ministry. Aka. sang some worship songs, did a drama/dance, and had a preach and altar/prayer call. At first it felt a little discouraging as there was a lot of distraction in the crowd (around 30 people) and people didn't seem to interested in responding to "the call". But as we waited we ended up having a bunch of people come forward! I got to pray with quite a few kids, and ended up leading 3 girls through a prayer of giving their lives to God! Such a special moment for me, and is bound to change their lives forever!

I know this has been a super-long post, but it only glazes over the surface of what God has been doing here in Maharashtra India over the past two-weeks. Our team has become so much closer to God and each other, and as individuals as well. God has blessed us with seeing the lame walk, the deft hear and the blind see... according to scripture, the next thing on the list is seeing the dead raised!
Please be praying for our safety as our team is flying-out tonight to Sri Lanka for the next 2 months of outreach!

Blessings to you all, and thanks for your support and continued prayer!
Much love, Becca

Thursday, 29 March 2012

with love from Korea

I've officially determined that the rush of "Take-off" on the tarmac is one of the best feelings ever!
I'm currently reclining against the window of Gate 12 in Seoul, Korea. We've been awake for around 18hrs now, and people still somehow have the energy to be excited. The fact that I'm in Asia for the first time in my life has yet to hit me. Let alone that I'll be in India & Sri Lanka for the next 3 months of my life. Its all extremely surreal. I can't believe how blessed I am to be travelling with this amazing family. There is so much love here. I think if it weren't for knowing how safe I am with them, this trip would be a crap-ton more intimidating. But it will be good! One of the more epic adventures in my life thus far.
Anyways, off to Bangkok, some tears & goodbyes, and then to Mumbai!
Much love,

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

saying "Goodbye" to say "Hello"

Hey y'all!
I have been meaning to write you for sometime to give you an update on all that's been going on here in the past few weeks. Unfortunately there has been so much that its hard to bring up in my memory well enough to put into words right now... especially given that its currently 11pm and I've just come down off a Skittles high... so I will simply have to sum things up.
3 Weeks Ago:We had Chad Dedmon come and speak on Supernatural Evangelism. It was an amazing week. He really spoke to us on being Radical Listeners and Obeyers of God, and gave us amazing practical stories as well as miraculous stories of what that's looked like in His life.
For me personally, God revealed so much of His heart for particular people groups, and I felt like God has really begun to emphasize more of my "Life's Calling", particularly during this week.
2 Weeks Ago:
We had Marcia come to speak about living Cross Culture. It became a lot about social issues. She has worked in the Indigenous Tribes in Brazil for the majority of her life and has been exposed to issues of infanticide. It was an extremely moving week, and our whole school became exposed to issues the majority of us never knew existed.
I encourage you to check out her websites: ,
1 Week Ago:
We had Kenny Peavy speak on Holy Spirit. This week was absolutely PACKED. Almost everyday ran straight through lunch as we just experienced the Holy Spirit moving and changing our hearts. It was such a powerful week, and truly life-changing. A few of the highlights are that
1. We listened to this amazing song, were a man was recording worship music.. just vocals and a guitar... and you can hear Angels worshiping with him... Here is the link if you`re interested:
2. I got BAPTIZED! In the Ocean... it was so amazing to finally say "Goodbye" to the old me and "Hello" to the person that God originally designed me to be. Its not to say that there is nothing left for me to work on, but its a commitment to get there. :)

OH. And the main reason I am writing today?
Unfortunately I won't be bringing my laptop (apparently the humidity has been known to kill electronics.. gah.) So my updates are bound to be few and far between, sadly. But I will be keeping a journal, so hopefully upon my return I can post some old journal entries and whatnot.
It's shocking to know that the Lecture Phase is officially complete.
It's terrifying to say goodbye to some of my best friends and "family"
It's EXCITING to be going on the next half of this adventure.

Frankly 2 or 3 weeks ago, I would not have felt I could go on Outreach. But now (besides the sad part of leaving "Home") I can say I'm truly excited, and raring to go. It will be new, and hard, and shocking, and terrifying, but it will be EPIC and GOD will MOVE. It will be LIFE CHANGING.

Please be praying for Safe Travels, that everyone in our school gets there Visas soon (there are currently 4 people waiting to get there visas) and that our Teams Have Unity!

Thanks for following and supporting me as I walk out this part of my life, it means more than you know!
Much love,

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

4K research

So. I leave in 2 WEEKS!

I cannot believe how quickly time is going by. We've been warned that these next two weeks will become even more full and crazy as we prepare to go on outreach.
"Official Training" began today for me, with 4K Research Training.
Let me explain (hopefully) 4K:
4K divides the world into (4 thousand) omega zones. These zones are made using population, existing political divisions and availability of the Gospel. This information creates a "Map" so we can see the world and respond to its needs. So that we can see where we are and where we are not... and the most effective way to reach every people group.

So what will I be doing?
As 4K isn't able to travel all over the world collecting data, they train each Outreach Team to research and collect information on location. When we return all our information will be given over to 4K and put into their system.
I will be tracking all the Villages we go to, the Ministry we do there, and When. I'll also be collecting information about the Culture, Food, Clothing that future teams/ministries going into these zones can be even better prepared. There are also Zone Surveys that we will be answering, which will talk more about the peoples response, and help future teams plan the most effective way to minister in that particular zone.
For instance; If we've been doing a lot of evangelism in a zone and have had a good response, than future teams may look at starting a discipleship program to begin stewarding the people in their relationship with God.

I am so excited to be a part of gathering information and expanding 4K's database. Access to the 4K Interactive Map and more in-depth information is available on their website As well, if you are planning a trip or have recently returned from one, you may consider adding some of your own information to the site, through creating an account!

Friday, 9 March 2012

KONY 2012

Hey all,

This year there is a huge movement going on, which is trying to capture KONY. I'm sure many of you have seen posts on Facebook. He is the leader of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) and has committed horrendous crimes against humanity. Specifically capturing children and forcing them into becoming soldiers, or sex slaves.
If you haven't already, please look at the following site(s) to learn more about KONY and how we as a global community can help to capture him.

Thank you for taking the time. I encourage you to be praying for the families that have been affected by KONY and the children who are still at risk of being abducted.
No child should have to live in that fear, and no parent should have to go through this loss.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

in 28 days

So in 28 days, I will be leaving for Sri Lanka.

It hasn't even sunk in yet. First, that this lecture phase will so quickly be over, and it feels like we haven't even started yet. Second, that I'm leaving for Sri Lanka in 28 days.

Assuming we get our Visas (Please be praying we get them on time) we'll be going to India for 2 weeks with 4 of our outreach teams. It will be a time of cultural orientation and street ministry. We'll be staying in Mumbai (Bombay) and will probably be working in the slums there. We may have the opportunity to travel around India a bit more and see Calcutta and a bunch of other places I currently don't remember the names of.
Than my team will be flying over to Colombo, Sri Lanka where we will be staying on a YWAM base and serving them and the community and ministries they work in!

As of yet, we aren't sure exactly which ministries the YWAM base is working in, there has a bit of a language barrier, which is creating some difficulty in getting specifics. So we've been praying as a team about where we feel God wants us to work, and he has put Orphans and Children heavily on our heart. We are continuing to pray about more specifics, and have heard that going into more rural parts of Sri Lanka is a likely possibility.
We've also been trained through JUSTICE WATER (  in different ways to provide pure and safe water to people. If the opportunity arises, we are all raring to go and try our hand at teaching the local community about water safety.

This Friday is the deadline for our Outreach Fees. I need a total of $2,900. That means that if I could get a donation of $20 from 145 people, my fees would be covered.
If you would like to support me financially, please see the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page. Both a one-time or monthly donation would be such a help.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
Much love,

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

i may just "get" Jesus a little more...

Hey y'all! So I want to share something that I learned last week, to me it is epic, and I hope it will be to some of you too. But if its something you knew already, even better.

Starting out with the honesty part.
Since I've been thinking about Jesus and who he is, I've never had the greatest impression of him. I always known he is both God and Man. But to me, him being on the earth, was just pretending to be a human, but he was secretly operating as God.
To me that meant that miracles were all His personal doing (nothing to do with God the Father). That Him being "tempted" was just going through the motions of what we go through, but really He wasn't affected by it because He is God. That dying on the cross didn't hurt him, because he switched over to being God and kept himself from feeling the pain, and just faked it. That during the three days, he was just chilling and waiting to re-inhabit his body on earth. etc.
I'm not sure if anyone else can relate to this, and if you do, there is good news. This IS NOT TRUE!
Let me explain... or try to.

First off, lets start by calling Jesus by the name he would've been called by his own family and friends, "Yeshua". The only reason we know about the life of Yeshua is because four of his friends decided to write down his story. The four being Matthew, Luke, John, and Mark.

Yeshua was fully human and still is. He has perfect relationship with God, and still is God, but he chose to limit himself to just a human, out of love for us, so that he could come and reveal to us who we are intended to be as humans.
I think this is one of the most difficult things to grasp. One thing that has really helped me, is the disciples. Until Yeshua rose from the dead, they didn't believe or understand that he is the Son of God. So as they are following him and being his disciples they would have been seeing him as fully human, and witnessing a perfect relationship with God the Father.
For example. When Peter sees Yeshua walking on the water, the only reason he would dare to think that he could too, was if he saw another HUMAN walking on the water. If they knew that Yeshua was the Messiah than Peter would never think that he could operate in the same way.
I think the best way to really grasp who Yeshua is, is to read through the gospels, knowing that the disciples would not have recognized him as the Messiah.
Than maybe think on what it would mean to the disciples to finally realize that Yeshua, their friend, and rabbi, was the Messiah.

We need to relate to Yeshua the way the disciples did. See him as a man first so that you can truly understand the wonder of his character.

Jesus didn't come to give us a system of salvation, He came to show us a new way of living. A Holy Spirit-filled life looks like Jesus'.

This is, for me, a pretty intense revelation. Frankly I'm not sure if I've explained it well. Please feel free to post questions, and as best as I can, I'll rally some answers together and get back to you with them.
Much love,

Thursday, 16 February 2012

simply difficult

Hey y'all! Time for an update, yes?
To start-off, I'll fill you in a bit on what I've been learning about these past 2 weeks!

Last week we had Donna and Tom Cole come and speak to us about Pure Heart. It is basically a week of dealing with your heart; the good, the bad, and the ugly. But the great thing is that you get to sort through it and get freedom in a lot of things! My favourite days were on true femininity and true masculinity. We got to learn so much more about what it means to be a woman and how fantastic that is, and how we reflect God's beauty and His heart. Then for true masculinity, we got to learn about how God designed men to have godly authority and how that is intended to be exercised, as well as calling them out of passivity and into their role as leaders and conquerors.

This week we are learning from Danny Lehmann. He's been speaking to us on what it really means to be a disciple and to discipline yourself in your walk with God. This has really challenged me to commit to my relationship with God. As we've been taught, a walk with God is simple, but its not easy. Like any relationship, it takes time and energy and effort. Its time for me, to really delve into the Word, and spend time with my God. There is a verse that says:
"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters - yes even his own life - he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26
Its pretty scary to read it, but what I believe its saying, is that your love for God has to be so much greater than your love for people who are dear to you, that your love for them seems like hate in comparison. That is hardcore. And this doesn't mean you have an excuse to hate people, it means you are seriously in love with God.

Danny has been talking to us a lot about Spiritual Discipline. That we are meant to take dominion over our lives and discipline ourselves to grow Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Mentally, and in Relationally.  Its so easy to over-spiritualize our walk with God. I've done it, and still am in many ways. But its not just a good feeling, its about truly knowing who my God is, and from that place there is no response but falling in love with Him.

For me during DTS, that means that I'm not going to be going-through-the-motions anymore. It means being truly dedicated and studious in everything I do. It means taking time that I would spend being with my friends, and spending time with my God. It means really getting into the Bible and digging for answers. It means spending time talking to and listening to God.

Like we've been told, its not complicated, but it isn't easy either.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sri'li mini update

So just a quick update on the Sri Lanka trip!

Flight Schedule:
With teams Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal:
Kona > Honolulu > Seoul, Korea > Bangkok, Thailand.

Then teams: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, will continue to Mumbai, India.
We'll be doing 2 weeks of Orientation in Mumbai... and possibly travelling to:
Pune, Lonavala, Calcutta, Patna, Agra, and Varanass.

After the 2 weeks, every team but Sri Lanka will be travelling by train/bus to their countries/the northern part of India.
My team will be flying out to Sri Lanka, and our adventure will begin! 

This week we've been applying for our India visas, and we'll be applying for our Sri Lanka visas this Friday!

Please keep us in your prayers that we'll have no issues with our visas, and also that we have good communication with our contacts.

Thanks so much for your support!
If you're wanting to support me financially in my trip to Sri Lanka, please see the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page! Its looking to be upwards of $5,000. for the trip, so any support would be greatly appreciated!

Much love,

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

financial miracle!

Day 2 of this week and as a school we have witnessed 2 miracles!

When we were in the prayer room yesterday, during worship a bunch of students heard Angels singing with us!

But tonight we were able to witness a Financial MIRACLE!
Between 49 students, we had yet to pay $93,189. Which included the remainder of our Lecture Fees, and our Outreach Deposit.
After sharing some scriptures about God calling us to give generously...
Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands - all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you. 
- Luke 6:38 
... We each asked God if there was an amount He wanted us to give to someone else in our school, or just as a general donation to be distributed between the students still needing money. Those of us who were told to give, put an IOU note in a basket.
The leaders counted up the totals, and we raised:
Considering that around half the students in our school don't have the finances to pay for their own fees, this is truly a miracle!
I am truly convinced that God moved in this time of generosity and multiplied the money that was being given.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and financial support!
I will be paying my Outreach Deposit of $2,500 this Friday, and will then be raising money for the next payment!
Please continue to pray for financial miracles, and if you are able to support me financially please see the tab "How You Can Help" at the top of the page!

Much love,

Monday, 30 January 2012

sex, money and God

Hey! So its been around a week since my last post, and what a different week it has been! Frankly, this week hasn't been the easiest one, but looking back it was so crucial.
Unfortunately a bunch of people (including myself) were sick this past week, so it was much more challenging to pay attention to the teachings and stay engaged. On top of the sickness it was a Corporate Week. Which means that all the schools were together for our teachings, the setting was not as personal as we've grown used to, considering there were around 300 students instead of 40, and we had a translator (which for most of us was really distracting).

BUT we did get some good teachings out of the week!

Darlene Cunningham (Co-founder of YWAM) spoke for the first 2 days, then we had Heidi Baker on wednesday, and then Darlene and some of her associates spoke for the other days.

One of my favourite nights was when a 24yr old girl came to speak on Sex Trafficking. God first called her to focus on this justice issue when she was 18 and between then and now she has released a documentary of her going around all 50 states and interviewing different people about the issue. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the screening, but some of the students are planning on buying the DVD and watching it as a class.
The website is: If you're interested in seeing more of her work.

This week we're hearing from Greg Wiley about The Nature and Character of God. I am so excited for this week, its coming in perfect timing for what God has been preparing us for in these past few days!

Please be praying that everyone fully recover from their various illnesses.
Also, we need to put in our $2500 deposit by this FRIDAY. So if you can be praying that everyone's finances come in on time. If your interested in supporting me, please click on the "How You Can Help" tab at the top of the page! I am still looking for approx. $1400 to come in.

Much love,

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This past week has been chalk-full of God challenging me to radically obey Him. It has certainly been challenging, to surrender control to Him but as I continue choosing to obey Him, my faith is growing and I am experiencing more freedom than I ever have.
Over the weekend I FINALLY got to take a trip to the beach! It was my first time hitch-hiking, not to mention being in the bed of a pick-up truck. Definitely not my first sunburn, but so far its turning into a tan... and the waves were definitely the biggest I've ever swam in. It was a blast, and we followed it up by going out to Splashers for massive burgers and some good talks.
Yesterday was mostly me starting and finishing my Journal Assignment, and now I'm on the race to read my book and write a report on it in just 8 days :o ! But the night ended watching "A Walk To Remember" on the lawn with double-stuffed oreos and cheese-its...
So overall, it was a pretty amazing weekend.

This week is packed with a bunch of different speakers, including Heidi Baker and the Cunninghams (Founders of YWAM). We got the first taste of it this morning, and then we were off to learn how to build a water pump out of PVC Pipe. After 45 minutes of sanding, we were successful, and will be able to bring that knowledge to wherever we go, but specifically on our outreach trip to SRI LANKA!
Then it was off to finish up more homework and then Ministry Night in the prayer room. God is doing so much so rapidly in all of us, He's specifically been revealing that He has a plan for each of our lives, which is designed to fit each one of us. His plan is to come alongside us in discipling us, being Lord of our lives, as well as being the perfect Father.
It is such a fascinating and overwhelming process, but the excitement is so thick. I cannot wait to see what God does through these amazing speakers this week!

Updates soon,
Becca <3

Thursday, 19 January 2012

deep & beyond

Even before we got on campus, God has been moving and letting our leaders know, that while we are a smaller school, we are going to be mighty! The desire in everyone here to know God more and have a deep relationship with Him, is so tangible.

Our first week's theme was Hearing God's Voice, which was an amazing way to prepare us for the rest of school and life, as hearing from God is vital in walking out his call on our life.

This week Jeff Waalkes has been speaking on The Call and Cost of Following God. Its been amazing and challenging, but it is so clear that God is in our midst and wanting to speak to us.
If I could choose the "Theme" for these first two weeks here at YWAM, I would have to say it has been Surrendering to God. Its been in many different ways and surrounding a ton of different topics, but I really feel that God is wanting to make himself known as Lord of my life. At first it is a challenge, to lay yourself down, but with it I have found so much freedom!

Today we had our Local Outreach Orientation, with Deep&Beyond. Here is a clip so you can see more about what they do...
Our team will be following up with participants and building relationships with them and ministering to their families by supporting them in the day-to-day things that need to be done. I am so excited for this opportunity, and to see God move through us in a way that I haven't personally experienced before. I  know that the goal is to minister to these wonderful people, but I truly believe that we will be the ones who are ministered too, as we get to see God work in their lives.

I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for this week, as we continue hearing about The Call & Cost of Following God. It is bound to be a life changer, and it will be AMAZING!

Please be praying that we are all open to hearing what God wants to speak into our lives, and that we are able to minister well to the people around us!
Much love,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I am going to Sri Lanka !!!
I can honestly say, I never thought I would say that in my life, but it is happening folks, and I have an amazing team coming with me! There are 6 girls, 2 boys, and 2 leaders (girls) going on our trip, and it is bound to be rockin'!
I am so pleased with this turn of events. I'll catch you up a bit though, on how I've ended up with Sri Lanka as my next destination...
For the past 3 months, I have desperately wanted to go to Nepal after reading "The Little Princes" by Connor Grennan (HIGHLY recommend it). But Friday morning, the day of location reveal, I felt God tell me that even though He know's I want to go to Nepal that I "may have to wait". Obviously I didn't even know what countries would be options, so I didn't think too much of the sacrifice that was. Until the outreach locations were revealed:
Sri Lanka
I could have sworn the Nepal was in flashing lights and shiny colours when I saw it on the list, I so wanted to choose it. I almost did. But before I could put it in the basket I went off to the side, knowing I wasn't being obedient, and asked God where I was supposed to go. He told me Sri Lanka, and Nepal as a second choice. I could have been sick I was so nervous, but as the nerves went away and my choice was made, I've felt more piece about Sri Lanka. My leader actually approached me at one point, asking if I were flexible on location, and I told her that I was. It meant so much to me to know that the leaders are so dedicated to praying over each choice, that they will question us if they feel that we may not have heard from God. But apparently I did, because I am going to SRI LANKA! I am so excited about my teammates and the leadership, we are bound to have tons of fun!
We have yet to decide on what ministry we will be focusing on, but the planning is bound to start up soon and with a vengence!

Please be praying that we have wisdom as we plan our trip, and that we be hearing from God clearly, and seeking him first.
Keeping you posted,

Friday, 13 January 2012

intensity building

Life is INTENSE here on the "Big Island". People are so on-fire for God, it is so incredible to be able to be a part of it!
Tomorrow we wrap up our week on Hearing God's Voice. I don't think one day has gone by since class started when I haven't been in tears, as well as nearly everyone around me. But its the good kind. The kind that means change is happening, that old mind-sets are being layed down, and that God is truly making himself known as Lord and Father in my life. It is so exciting! I don't have words to describe how great this feels. Its tough for sure. But one thing that has constantly been repeated is that "Its an uncomfortable position to be in (with God) but its a comforting place to be". Basically meaning, that while crying and changing is not easy and it pushes me, the people I am with and the leadership are a safe place, were I can be comforted in a difficult but wonderful time.
God is showing himself more and more to me. Its giving me such a hunger to know more, that its becoming frustrating. In the best possible way of course, we should always be hungry for God. Never satisfied with just a little taste.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. We wrap up on Hearing God's Voice with Donna Jordan, and then finally get an afternoon off!
Just so you know how exciting that is, we have only had meals as free-time for this past week. And meals don't last more than 2 hrs.
So here has been my schedule for the past week:
6am: wake up > 6:15-7:15 breakfast > 8-8:45 1st class > 9-12pm 2nd class > 12-1:30 lunch > 2-4pm 3rd class > 5-6:15 dinner > 6:30-8:30 4th class.
Then normally we hangout at the Banyan Tree till 10 and then bedtime! 
As you can see, an afternoon off (1:30 - 6) will be a grand thing. Of course it will be chalk full with catching up on journalling, bible reading, and beginning to read our current book... likely blogging, and going to the prayer room. BUT it will be time off!

Then at 6pm the craziness will begin, as we will finally know our Outreach Locations! We will be told them (bound to be in some crazy creative fashion) and be given just 10 minutes to pray about where we feel God is calling us to go. Without knowing any information other than the name of the country.
Then Monday, we will know our teams and leaders, and start small groups were we will discuss the options for our ministry.

This week we've also chosen our Equipping Tracks and Local Outreach slots. I will be doing a Local Outreach called Deep and Beyond. Deep and Beyond helps disabled children experience freedom through water, and often take them scuba diving and the like. My team will be doing follow up (not in-water activities) and help discuss where the families are at, and just maintain relationship with them.
For the first 5 weeks I will be trained with JUSTICE WATER, on how to provide lasting sources of clean and safe water. Then the following 5 weeks will be teaching on Children's Ministry.

Life is about to get even more crazy starting tomorrow. Luckily we will have the weekend to prepare as best as we can, and catch up on some much needed rest... and homework!

Much love,
I will keep y'all posted on Outreach info!


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

photo update!

SO I am having a BLAST here in Kona!
Everyone is wonderful and God is moving in such powerful ways at such a rapid pace. Its a little frightening, but so wonderful!

I'll write a bit more on all the wonderful stuff later, but for now I figured I would let you all see some photos of the campus!
So here goes:

Welcome Protocol by the native Hawaiians
University of the Nations - Flags 
Kailua Pier (Which I jumped off of for our Scavenger Hunt)

Sunset BBQ on the Beach

Banyan Tree Cafe - Our official hangout spot

The view as we walk to class each day

The Steps Of Doom - which we walk back up each day from class...

Ohana Court
I will talk to y'all later, but for now its time to go to bed.. with it being 10:40pm and a 6:15 breakfast tomorrow, I need to get some sleep in!

Much love,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

scavenger hunts and BBQs

Oh how I love it here!
Yesterday was a fun-packed day. Our school was broken up into teams and sent on a photo-scavenger-hunt. It was a really creative way for the staff to force us to take a bunch of pictures of some crazy and fun things. Myself and Jordan ended up jumping off a pier, just after seeing one of my friends had stepped on a sea urchin! So that was kind of freaky, but the water was lovely, and I managed to avoid them, so it was all good!
We all came back to campus, and went to the pool for a bit, and then met up to go for a Sunset BBQ on the beach. The food was awesome, chicken and rice and pineapple. And I don't really need to say it, but it was gorgeous. We saw a beautiful sunset and the ocean was lovely and what not.
Today I'm catching up on some sleep, and then a bunch of us are going into town to the market to try some fresh fruit, and God willing I will find a coconut!
Then tomorrow, classes begin! This week our topic is "Hearing God's Voice" its bound to be exciting and stretching so I'm looking forward to it.
Finally meeting my Facebook friends has been so cool. We've all connected so well, and its a very down-to-earth group.

I'm so expectant for what God has us for a group and individually as we go into this next week on Hearing God's Voice. It is going to be rockin'

I'm off for some TAWG (Time Alone With God), hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!

Much love,
Becca <3

Saturday, 7 January 2012

class schedule :)

orientation KONA


I am so blessed to be here! It is absolutely gorgeous! There is the volcano right behind our campus and the ocean infront and to the left of us. A gorgeous (unknown) tree right outside my dorm window and apparently our building is the best for spotting dolphins from ... cause the ocean is RIGHT THERE! I'm sharing a room with a total of 8 girls... bunk-beds are such a God-send!
The weather here is really nice, not too hot or humid, but enough for shorts and a tank-top...  and no sunburn! woohoo!

Yesterday was a long day, and mostly involved flying, which is not too exciting, so we'll just skim over that : )

Today however, was full and fascinating. It still doesn't feel real that I am here, and for longer than just one-week... much longer! But I certainly don't mind, and its slowly starting to sink-in.
This morning was the Welcoming Protocol. A Hawaiian tradition where the locals welcome us onto the land and bless us. It was a truly beautiful ceremony (I'll try to post pictures shortly).
Then we had an orientation for the DTS students... over 900 students are on campus this quarter. There's 8 different schools being run, as well as UofN students. Its pretty massive.
We did a lot of intro today, so there isn't a ton to talk about just yet that way, but the staff and other students are so amazing. We're already connecting really well, and I'm sure friendships will just continue to develop.

I will try and keep y'all posted as best as I can.
Much love,

Friday, 6 January 2012

the flight to SAN FRAN...

I'm currently flying over Hays Kansas, on my way to San Francisco where I'll take a connecting flight to Kona, Hawaii.
The past three days have been full of “goodbyes” and “see you later's.” Last night some of my fabulous friends were able to come bye last-minute and have a Goodbye Party. One of my favourite nights of the holiday, with lots of laughter, music and a few tears. Then this morning, my Mum and baby sis drove me to the airport and my friend Leigh was able to come and say goodbye as well. It has been so wonderful being surrounded by people that love me and that I love, definitely one of the best feelings ever to know how loved you are. I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!
Shockingly enough, I managed to keep the tears at bay during all the goodbyes... but as a friend predicted: Soon as I was on the plane, there they were.
I can't decide if its good or bad, to only have strangers witness my little melt-down. Either way, the emotions are there, but its time to move on from the sadness of leaving to the excitement about going. And it is SO exciting! After all, what really is there not to be excited about?! ...Maybe the cockroaches?
Aside from that, I'm looking forward to everything! I finally get to meet my leaders, and all the wonderful people in my school. I'm so looking forward to the lectures, and just growing in so many ways, most of which I can't even begin to predict. Worship every day... The FRUIT!
And Hawaii's not half bad either, right?
I just finished watching Footloose, and I have to warn you all. Sitting in a plane makes it extremely hard and awkward to dance along... I recommend choosing a better venue. It is, however, AMAZING! Oh to live in a town where barn dancing, and just general dancing, is the norm... assuming I would be good at it, otherwise, that would just be embarrassing... For now, I am toe-tapping and listening to my country music <3

I am so expectant for what God has planned for me in these next 6 months. I can't wait to just deal with all the junk and get on with living the way he intended for my life. Considering he designed me and placed the desires in my heart, and I am pretty sure that living the way he intended is the best possible decision a person can make! I don't even know specifically what I'm expecting to have happen. Its simply a gut-feeling, I just know it will be REALLY GOOD! I know there will be life-long friendships, that I will fall madly in love with God, that I will grow in unbelievable and exponential ways, and that I will be forever changed and changing for the better.
I can't wait to see where I am going on my Outreach Trip, but I'm also perfectly content to live in the moment, and enjoy every second of my time in Hawaii.
I definitely want to learn how to surf and scuba dive, whether I will have the time or not is a different story, but just swimming in the ocean with all the sea-life teaming beneath me, *sigh* does it get any better?!

I am about 2 hrs out from the end of this leg of the journey, and then a 2 hr wait and then off to Kona. I'll arrive at 7:45pm local time... later than I'd like. But! I realized that I will see the sun setting as we're flying into Hawaii (Sun sets at 6pm), so that is pretty amazing! Too bad I won't get to see all the palm trees and oceanscape in the daylight, but what a surprise for the morning!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Well, vacationing time has come to an end. These past few days have been some of the best, I got to spend tons of time with my wonderful friends and connect up with some people before hopping on the plane!

Speaking of which. Packing. Its becoming a bit of an issue. Meaning, I have yet to start?

Its surprisingly emotional for me too pack, it means that I'm actually leaving. As much as I am over-the-moon about going, the leaving part is much harder than I expected. It feels a bit like I'm packing up my life, which I am, it just feels a lot more daunting than it has before. 

BUT lets focus on the important thing: 
I leave in
        3 days for Hawaii !
and I am SO EXCITED!!!

I suppose, if I am to arrive with my things, I should stop writing this post and start packing

So I will say "goodbye" and get to it...